Give back to readers and send a great gifts. “Bentong Ginger Tea” 回馈读者送好礼,”文冬姜茶”

In recent years, drinking ginger tea has become a new trend of healthy eating. Therefore, Sin Chew Daily and  CAROMA Cafe Food(M)Sdn.Bhd organized a header-for-gift event for readers to exchange for “Bentong Ginger Tea”.
CAROMA Cafe Food(M)Sdn.Bhd. is the first time to organize a header cutting activity with Sin Chew Daily, allowing readers to exchange for CAROMA’s local Bentong Ginger Tea with the header or e-newsletter of the designated date. 
(Selangor. Petaling Jaya, 4th,2017) In recent years, drinking ginger tea has become a new trend of healthy eating. Therefore, Sin Chew Daily and Caroma Cafe Food(M)Sdn.Bhd. organized a newspaper cutting header exchange event. Let readers exchange Bentong ginger tea.
This is the first cooperation between Sin Chew Daily and CAROMA Cafe Food(M)Sdn.Bhd.  Readers only need to cut out 4 of the headers of “Sin Chew Daily” on the specified date, and they will have the opportunity to redeem a box of CAROMA local products worth RM10. Bentong Ginger Tea; e-news users only need to show the e-news subscription account to the staff present.
1000 boxes of products will be distributed at each station. The event will start from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. or until delivery lasts. First come, first served. Each person can only redeem once. No replacement or collection is allowed, and phone bookings are not accepted. Below 18 years old for the following are not exchangeable.

Coconut Fiber Planting Soil Replaces Pesticides


Mr. Lim Sim Soon Said: Coconut fiber planting soil replaces pesticides


Mr Lim Sim Soon, the managing director of CAROMA Cafe Food(M)Sdn.Bhd, said at the press conference that the company’s Bentong Ginger Tea has the advantage of its cultivation environment. Because pesticides contain heavy metals, excessive accumulation of the human body will cause major harm, and for long-term use of pesticides is also will pollute the soil and water sources and destroy the natural ecology
He said that in order to cultivate high-quality ginger, the company went abroad to learn “soilless cultivation” and used planting soil made from coconut fiber specially treated for planting to replace pesticides.
He revealed that the product is refined with Malacca coconut sugar instead of white sugar and added with black tea. The taste is smooth and does not feel the pungency of ginger. At the same time, the product has obtained halal certification. All ethnic groups and all ages in our country can rest assured drink.

Soilless Cultivation Plantation

Group 72@2x1

Fresh Soilless Bentong Ginger


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