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CAROMA Gingeray: The First Outlet Food and Beverage at JayaOne, The School

CAROMA Gingeray Outlet
We’ve extended our ginger business into beverage outlet and the first of so many has opened in The School, Jaya One. Let’s have a healthy cup of boba!
Visit us at location : G-03, Block J, The School Jaya One, No. 72A, Jalan Universiti, Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya,  Selangor Malaysia
CAROMA Gingeray Outlet


When you think of the warm goodness of ginger, think Gingeray.
Like our name suggests, we love ginger and the healthy warmth it brings. But not just any ginger, we love the soil-less Bentong ginger we grow ourselves in our eco-friendly farm to be exact.  
Our Signature Black Sugar and Seaweed Bobba is specially made with a dash of our soil-less Bentong ginger for an extra kick of health to your drink. 
matcha bobbaflat
With Gingeray, you can enjoy great taste without the guilt. We only use the most natural and healthy ingredients without skimping on the delicious boba tea taste. With us, you can be sure to find great tasting beverages with your health and taste buds in mind. 
You can say we’re the only Malaysian bobba brand with that well-loved, local kopitiam taste you’ve grown to love. So go ahead, treat yourself to a cup of healthy goodness with our all-natural bobba range or your kopitiam favourites, specially made to make you smile from the inside out. 
Matcha powder and fresh milk, mixed with our special homemade black sugar, topped with natural seaweed boba

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hainan kopi o
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