Not to be bias, but ginger overall has been used centuries ago for beauty and health benefits. Ginger is load with antioxidants, compound that prevent stress and damage to your DNA. They may help your body fight chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and also promotes healthy aging. Who doesn’t want that?

The antioxidants in ginger can be used to help preserve your skin’s collagen, an all-natural ingredient for anti-aging routine. You can also try rubbing a small slice of ginger on skin up to three times a day.

Most common skin issues we wish we didn’t have say, enlarged pores, oily and shiny skin – can be helped with ginger. One study for refined ginger, from the medicinal Asian ginger plan was revealed to improve the skin textures of women who had skin issues. It also evens skin tone.

Ginger contains natural oils known as gingerols that reduce inflammation. Anti-inflammatory benefits of gingerols can help soothe irritated skin. A recent study found that eating a combination of curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) and ginger helped improve the skin’s appearance and ability to heal.

Overall you could say that ginger IS GOOD for your skin and is great anti-aging tool.

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