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It’s ok if you never heard of drip coffee before. Now that you’re here, you might be curious to what it is right? Simply put, drip coffee is referred to coffee made by an automatic coffee maker aka ground coffee with hot water dripped on it. 

Why drip? It has everything to do with how the coffee is brewed. Compared to espresso, drip coffee relies on thermally induced pressure to send it up to the shower head and gravity to pull it down through the grounds. It dissolves less of the coffee’s soluble mass and the paper filters will trap many of the oils that would otherwise be present in espresso. It is uncomplicated and affordable.

Brewed coffee is different as in that the talent and effort went into making it. Drip coffee is of automatic process, you put the grinds in, you pour water in and you push the button.


Thus for the sake of convenience and accessibility, we created drip pack coffee filter. You can bring it wherever you are. You just need hot water and only 2 minute for a rich mildly fruity cup of coffee.


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