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What Is Malt Milk Powder?

Back in the days, it was used in the 1800’s to keep babies healthy. It was also used when no fresh food is available. Till today, it is still made with three main ingredients: barley, evaporated whole milk and wheat flour.

The easiest and delicious way to incorporate malt milk powder is to use it in milkshake, dessert and sweet foods. It’s also great in baked goods, giving more body and a touch of sweetness.

If you ever wonder what it taste like, alone it isn’t that appetising. But if you mixed it with ice cream or in a smoothie, it will elevate the flavour and turn it into something else. It is easy to work with and can be added to so many.

For storage, always keep in an airtight container away from moisture. Water is the main culprit since it is a dehydrated product.

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