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Around South East Asia it is common to use ginger in cookings. There are so many types of ginger in Malaysia such as Deer Horn ginger, Bentong ginger and Bara ginger. The most famous of them all is Bentong ginger.

Bentong ginger gets its name based on the geographical location of its cultivation in Bentong and has been patented by the Malaysian government. The characteristic of Bentong ginger can be identified by its large rhizome, yellow color and high level of spiciness. Have higher fiber and more juice.

It mostly use to help smooth the digestive system by removing toxins from the body. For those having problems such as blood problems, lots of wind, joint pain – it can be overcome by drinking hot ginger juice every day. Its nutrients stabilise cholesterol in the blood and can prevent early signs of strokes and heart attack.

Ginger has a high level of spiciness especially Bentong ginger. Thus it is not recommended to eat it raw. To prevent inflammation of the mouth due to the spiciness, the ginger can be made into ginger floss.

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