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It is hard to change any habit especially eating habit when your surrounding does not support you. We live in a culture where eating is the main event in any occasion. IT IS HARD. There is no easy way around it – change your lifestyle. It cannot happen overnight. It’s a step by step process that requires discipline, mentally and physically.

The habit of eating whatever you have at home is not healthy especially all you have is processed food. You may think cooking is a hassle and requires a lot of time. Nowadays you have technology that is not that expensive, we’re talking air fryer here. There is not much cooking needed. As an example, pop a chicken in it and you got yourself a healthy chicken menu with less oil or without oil at all.

It might taste not as good as your processed food. WHY? You have been adapting to the taste of MSG and what not that your tastebuds require some time to adapt to your new healthy eating lifestyle.

It is a long and hard process, one that you know will benefit you in the long run. Think about that what you’re doing right now will inspire others; your family and friends to be healthy as well.

Not that you will look good but feel good as well. You’ll have more energy to do things that matters and feel happy as your body will have more energy. So the choice is really up to you.

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