Healthy eating is not another way of diet to lose weight. That is not the main purpose of healthy eating. Healthy eating means eating a variety of food that gives you the nutrient you need to maintain your health, to feel good and be happy.

The highlight of it is to eat a variety of colourful and healthy food. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain, seafood, lean meat, eggs, legumes, soy product and more. The food should be low in sugar, salt, cholesterol and of course fat. Seems like a wholesome right? But you need to eat within your daily calorie needs.

It is about balance after all. You can still enjoy your favourite food even if they are high in calorie. The key is eating them once in a while and balance them with physical activity. You can enjoy with smaller portion or even try to substitute with a lower-calorie version.

You see it is not that easy but a life changing you starts with what you put into your body.

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