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So let say you have stomach pain, bloating, acid reflux, gas and upset stomach; where you are feeling nauseous. GINGER hands down is probably one of the best remedies for any potential issue with your stomach. It is safe, proven for thousand of years and it has no side effect.

Did you have an upset stomach from last night? No problem as ginger is here. Here’s how to improve your digestion. Boil a little ginger or use Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea, to make yourself a warm and refreshing ginger tea.

Ginger is a great digestive tonic. It alleviates constipation, vomiting, acidity and protect gastric lining against acidity.

Take ginger, lemon juice and two tablespoon of honey. Combine them in a glass of warm water. This anti-inflammatory tonic may help reduce symptoms of acidity and provide calm from the pain associated with it. You could also just use Caroma Bentong ginger tea with lemon or honey. Way easier, just add in hot water.

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