Durian, also known as durian, is the most famous tropical fruit in Southeast Asia and has the reputation of "the king of tropical fruits". In Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Thailand produce the most. 

The peel is solid, the outside is a woody hard shell, densely grown with triangular thorns, and the inside is divided into chambers, each chamber has three or four eggs-sized seeds, and the seeds are covered with a layer of pulp. The mature pulp is light yellow in color, sticky and juicy, and soft sweet.


First, Constipation Problems. Durian contains high fiber, so eating durian can promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce and solve the problem of constipation. Moreover, it can also help the body detoxify. However, it needs to be paired with water to be effective, so drink more water after eating durian.

Next, Be Healthy. Durian is the most famous fruit in Malaysia, and it is also the "King of Fruits" in Malaysia. Based on the general impression, everyone thinks that durian is a fruit that is very easy to get sick. In fact, the nutritional value of durian is extremely high, it can nourish the body and strengthen the kidney and aphrodisiac. This is because durian contains many different vitamins and rich protein, which have many benefits for the human body. Besides, durian can also warm our body.

Third, Dispelling Cold. Durian is a hot fruit, so it can't be eat too much. However, durian can make us actively drive out the cold and achieve the effect of keeping warm. In addition, he can relieve the pain symptoms of girls during menstruation. In addition, it can also improve the coldness of the abdomen and cold hands and feet, so it is reasonable to eat durian appropriately.

Fourth, Increase Immunity. Durian contains many amino acids necessary for the human body. Among them, glutamic acid participates in the synthesis and metabolism of nucleic acids, nucleotides, and proteins, which can improve the body's immunity, regulate the acid-base balance in the body, and improve the body's stress ability.