A vast network of organs, white blood cells, proteins (antibodies), and chemicals make up your immune system. Together, these components of your body's defense system guard you against external invaders (bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus) that can lead to illness, disease, and infection.


When your immune system is in optimal condition: Your immune system can distinguish between your own cells and chemicals that are foreign to your body when it is functioning properly. It energizes, mobilizes, engages in combat with, and eradicates potentially harmful foreign invader microbes. After you've been exposed to pathogens, your immune system picks them up. Your body produces antibodies to defend you against certain particular pathogens. The process of receiving a vaccine is an illustration of this idea. Your immune system develops antibodies to the foreign cells in the vaccination, which it will swiftly recognise and destroy if you are ever exposed to them again. If you get sick, your doctor may occasionally recommend antibiotics to boost your immune system.


  • Stay Up Late

Staying up late is very harmful to the liver and there are many sequelae! Often staying up late will not only cause dark circles under the eyes, but also dark yellow skin, lack of energy, and gastrointestinal function will be affected, resulting in weakened resistance and decreased immunity. With the decline of immunity, various problems will appear, and if it is serious, it may also cause rapid aging. Please don't stay up late and take good care of your body.

  • Stress

When we face stress every day, it can affect our physical health. When human beings suffer from psychological stress for a long time, a hormone in the body will increase. This hormone raises blood pressure and has an immunosuppressive effect. If you are stressed for a long time, your immune system will be suppressed and your immune response will be weakened. So some people get sick or catch a cold when they are in stressful situations (work, exams). This is evidence of reduced immunity.

  • High-Sugar, High-Carbohydrate Diets

You may not believe it. According to experiments, eating sugar can "paralyze" the immune system. Sugar in food will reduce human resistance and make people fat. If you eat too much sugar for a long time, your body's resistance will be weak. The virus will take advantage of this period to destroy your body, and you will often get sick.

  • Picky Eater

Partial eclipse, only pick what you like to eat, especially those who do not eat vegetables will cause malnutrition. Eating too much fried and grilled food can easily lead to a decrease in resistance, insufficient immunity, and frequent illness. In addition, remember to drink plenty of water to boost your immunity.