CAROMA Soilless Bentong Ginger is farmed purely in a 100% soilless environment, with a completely natural fertilization technology called Effective Microorganism.



ENE Plantation

Soilless Ginger Malaysia

Soilless Ginger Malaysia, Bentong ginger is said to be spicier, more fragrant and potent compared to other gingers, and we pride ourselves in using home-grown, organic Bentong ginger for our drinks.

With our environmental farming partner ENE, we cultivate higher quality Bentong ginger in our eco-friendly plantation in Tanjung Malim, while being kinder to the environment


Our Source

Our ginger is farmed purely in a soilless environment, with a completely natural fertilization technology called Effective Microorganism.

Our 100% soilless environment is:
Free from heavy metal and water pollution, which means residue free ginger, and eliminates the need for deforestation and excessive land clearing.

On top of that, our 100% natural fertilisation technology called Effective Microorganism nourishes the ginger with more nutrients, and protects the ginger against pests and fungus.

That means you easily enjoy the natural goodness of quality Bentong ginger with our drinks, while doing your part for the environment.

Farm Location at :
1. Tanjung Malim & Pulau Pinang
2. Millercle Berhad at Klang




Yame City, Plantation

Yame Green Tea Garden in Japan

Yame is a city located in Fukuoka Prefecture. This city is rich in tradition, cultural and historical. 

There are many varieties of green tea  and most of the high quality green tea are produced in Yame, in small plots owned by locals farmers.

All farmers in Yame is generation by generation. They work on small, remote plots of land high up in the mountains surrounding Yame. Besides that, the shade , temperature and the mist combine to create the perfect environment to nurture this delicate tea.


Our Source

CAROMA Premium Natural Matcha Green Tea Powder are imported from Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan also called Yamecha. Yame as a quality tea grower.

 In front of a seemingly endless Japanese tea garden. The Yame area is well know as the top tea grower and have a very good reputation in Japan. The beautiful Yabe River produces well-known number one brands of tea.



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