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CAROMA HARI HALIA 15g x 3’s Bentong Ginger Tea with Kurma & Lemongrass HALAL Natural Flavour | Travel Pack

RM 6.90
CAROMA HARI HALIA 15g x 3’s Bentong Ginger Tea with Kurma & Lemongrass HALAL Natural Flavour | Travel Pack Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Halia with Dates (Kurma) has been driving the beverage in Malaysia.

“ Every Day Warms the Heart ”

In Indonesia, some famous people do encourage consumers to take Kurma as a daily product for a healthy drink.

It is also a great source of energy and iron.

The positioning helps to make kurma drink suitable for everyday consumption and move away from being

fixated on Ramadan where kurma is traditionally consumed to break the fast.

- Zero FAT
- Gluten-Free
- 100% Natural
- 100% Natural Soilless Farming
- No Preservative
- Soilless Bentong Ginger Powder
- Natural Sweet
- Less Sweet
- No Added Colouring
- Low GI Brown Sugar & Coconut Sugar
- Chemical and Residue-Free
- Suitable for Vegetarians

Why take me Hari Halia ?

- Warm Body & Relieve rheumatic condition
- Relieve Menstrual discomfort
- Relieve Morning Sickness
- Address indigestion & flatulence, improve sleep.
- Excellent Choice of confinement beverage for mummies / After delivery Baby
- Convenient Carrying, Convenient to serve when feeling discomfort.

8 Proven Health Benefits of Dates (KURMA)

- Very Nutritious such as fiber,protein,potassium,magnesium,copper,manganese,iron,vitamin B6

- High in antioxidants

- High in Fiber ( preventing Constipation and controlling blood sugar control )

- High in Disease - Fighting Antioxidants

- May Promote Brain Health; may help improve brain function

- May Promote Natural Labor; potential to promote and ease late-term labor in pregnant women.

- Excellent Natural Sweetener; source of fructose, natural type sugar found in fruit

- Potential Health Benefits; bone health,

BENTONG GINGER is high in Antioxidants and protects your cells from the effects of free radicals and is able to reduce an overabundance of inflammation in your body.

- Improve digestive process
- Improve blood circulation
- Rich in Antioxidant
- Anti-inflammatory property
- Promote intestinal absorption of nutrients
- Promote blood circulation
- Relief stress
- Relief nausea
- Control blood sugar level
- Ingredients :

Dates Extract Powder, Brown Sugar (Low GI), Coconut Sugar, Bentong Ginger Extract Powder, Lemongrass Extract Powder.

Remark :

Due to the natural property of the ingredients, sediments & lumps from the product are a normal occurrences. Please rest assured. The taste, color, and texture may vary from batch to batch.

CAROMA Is Your Healthier Choice!

It is suitable to drink hot or cold.

Preparation (Hot):

Pour powder into a cup. Add 150mL hot water, stir well and enjoy.

Preparation (Cold):

Pour powder into a cup. Add 100mL hot water, stir well. Add ice and enjoy.

Storage :

Keep in a cool and dry place.

CAROMA is internationally certified by HACCP, ISO22000, cGMP, MeSTI, and HALAL by JAKIM.
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