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Joymix Insourin | 30 sachets x 10g | Yuja | Diabetes

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Joymix Insourin | 30 sachets x 10g

Many of us love sweet food...but worry or currently suffer from diabetes.

Sadly, diabetes is a major health concern in Malaysia. According to National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015, almost one in five Malaysian adults has diabetes. This survey also revealed that 1.8 million out of 3.5 million Malaysians diagnosed with diabetes were not even aware they were afflicted with the chronic disease.

However, we have found an effective way to help diabetes patients. Here's the good news for those who is diabetes patient! We have a remedy for you which is INSOURIN.

The main ingredients of Insourin are:

1. Citron Juice Powder / YUJA/ 유자

2. Patented Momordica Charantia Polypeptide ( bitter melon) 고야

3. Erythritol- Zero Calorie Sugar

4. Green Coffee Extract ( no caffeine) - Help to block carbohydrates. Will does not cause insomnia.

The benefit of Insourin.

1. Help Lower Blood Glucose After Meal

2. Help Glycated Hemoglobin ( HbA1c)

3. Help Body Fat

Patented Momordica Charantia has excellent effects on body-fat reduction and can prevent muscle atrophy which is common in diabetes.

But do take note that Insourin is only suitable for pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. A normal person is not advisable to use Insourin as a slimming supplement.

4.Help in Lower Total Cholesterol and Triglyceride

Besides preventing the formation of body fat, it can also prevent the increase of body lipids. Normal Bitter melon extract is not effective compared to Insourin.

5. Prevention of Fatty Liver and Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is also common among Malaysians,s, especially in Diabetes patients. Patented Momordica Charantia can prevent fatty liver and oxidative stress-related liver diseases.

How to Consume

Pour 1 sachet of Insourin into 1 small cup of normal room temperature water.

Stir well and drink together with a meal or after the meal.

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