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JOYMIX YOGHURT YUJA | 20's x 3g | Probiotic

RM 50.00
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JOYMIX YOGHURT YUJA | 20's x 3g | Probiotic

Excellent Immunity Booster for All ages range.

Joymix Yogyurt Yuja boosts body immunity by 3 main ingredients which are Saccharomyces boulardii (yeast), Yeast Beta-Glucan, and Colostrum (first form of cow milk ) These three ingredients creates three defense system in the human body. It is a divine combination of yoghurt and yuja taste sweet with mild sour to create this wonderful supplement!


- Anti-diarrhea – Yeast probiotic can destroys intestinal protozoa and bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Diarrhea easy happen when you travel to other places. Take 1-2 sachet before you travel.

- Support immune system associated with colds(rhinitis) and asthma

- Irritable bowel symptoms & Improve Bowel Movement

- Wound Healing

- Help Anti-allergic/ Ezcema

- Help Kids to Grow Bigger

Shelf life stable – Unlike bacteria, yeast is relatively stable in room temperature and NO refrigerated storage is needed. Perfect for carry to prevent or treat diarrhea and constipation during travel. Estimate Live probiotic per sachet is 2 billion. However the quantities of live probiotic will not be reduce if we courier the parcel to you as the S.Boulardii can withstand heat 40 celcius


Adult – 2 sachets/day

Child – 1 sachets/day

Suggest consume morning.

Steps to consume Joymix Yoghurt Yuja

- Cut or tear a sachet of JoyMix Yoghurt Yuja.
- b. Slowly suck or sip JoyMix Yoghurt Yuja directly from the sachet or pour it into the mouth, allowing it to melt.
c. Relish the taste of yoghurt yuja as it cools and tingles your taste buds. Fyi Yuja is a kind of lemon that available in Korea.
d. Swallow with a sip of water afterward.
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