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Roasted Black Coffee O Mixture Powder | 250 gram | Arabica Bean

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Roasted Black Coffee O Mixture Powder | 250 gram

CAROMA Premium Kopi-O is made of imported quality Arabic coffee beans. Kopi O with sugar added roasted to perfection! Strong, dark palette with a nice bittersweet balance. Distinctive and strong just like the good old days! Take a sip and you'll be amazed by the rich aroma and taste.

- Weight: 250 gram, Powder
- Kopi Brew
- Kopi French Press Coffee Brew
- No Artificial Colouring
- No Preservatives
- Less Sugar
- Free cholesterol
- Rich aroma and Delicious
- Certified by HACCP, ISO22000, cGMP, MeSTI and HALAL by JAKIM.

Benefits of Black Coffee:

- It improves cardiovascular health
- It improves your memory
- It is good for your liver
- It helps you cleanse your stomach
- It may help prevent the risk of developing cancer
- It is rich in antioxidants

Ingredients : Coffee Bean, Wheat, Margarine, Sugar
Ramuan: Biji Kopi, Gandum, Marjerin dan Gula

Preparation: A. Recipe for 1 cup of Kopi using COFFEE BAG:

Yield: 1 Portion [150ml of Base Brew], Kopi: 20g
Step 1: Add 2 teaspoon (heaped) of kopi powder to a coffee bag,
Step 2: Close bag, place in cup (8oz),
Step3: Fill with water just off the boil,
Step 4: Wait 5 mins (make sure bag is completely submerged, use a spoon to hold down the bag),
Step 5: Remove bag
Step 6: Add condiments of choice, Enjoy!

Don't have a Coffee Sock Filter at hand? Don't worry! The following brew recipe is a good alternative for offices or other places you may not have your Coffee Sock Filter with you.

Whilst not quite as smooth and refined as the traditional sock method, using a French Press still provides a similar experience.

Preparation: B. Recipe for FRENCH PRESS
Yield: 1 Portion [150ml of Base Brew]
Kopi: 20g
Water: 200g @ 95-98˚C (plus extra to rinse + pre-heat)
Kit: French Press, Spoon, Mug, Timer
Filter Prep: Pre-heated
Brew Time: 3 minutes approx.

Step1: Pre-heat mug with hot water
Step 2: Pre-heat French Press and discard hot water
Step 3: Add CAROMA Coffee Powder to French Press
Step 4: Add 200g hot water to CAROMA Coffee Powder
Step 5: Set a 3 minute timer and stir 10 times in one direction
Step 6: When the timer is up, stir grounds once more to reintegrate into brew, then press plunger. Take care not to press the actual coffee grounds
Step 7: Discard water from pre-heated mug and pour in your French Press brew - you should have 150ml approx.
Step 8: Congrats - you've made your French Press base brew!

Examples of what to do with your base brew:
Kopi-O Kosong (black coffee, unsweetened) - dilute with 70ml hot water
Kopi-O (black coffee) - add 2 tsp sugar to your diluted coffee
Adding evaporated or condensed milk? Reduce the amount of water

Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight or excessive heat.
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